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Can you say what your brand protection strategy is?

Have you quantified the impact of counterfeiting and/or negative media coverage on your brand?

Too many brand owners still have their head in the sand. Specifically:

  • China is still the source of more than two-thirds of counterfeit goods crossing borders but an IP/legal approach to the issue is not enough
  • Despite numerous high profile headlines, social/ethical supply chain issues still have not been adequately addressed

Moreover, the mega brands are aggressively managing these challenges on-the-ground in China and as a consequence, every other brand owner is more vulnerable than ever.

mpanies who don't have a clear strategy usually either have failed to effectively execute their plan or, worse, never had one. To be clear, w
e take the battle far beyond simple trademark registration and focus on ACSG's Brand Protection Four P's:

  • Planning
  • Prevention
  • Process
  • Pursuit

Our philosophy
A one-size-fits-all approach will never address the issue of counterfeiting and brand protection adequately and if your strategy can be applied to any other company, it probably isn't very good. Our sole business focus is to provide unique, innovative and sustainable solutions along with superior execution programs across multiple industries.

Our commitment to results
We roll up our sleeves and become your partner. Our success is measured by your own success. We recognize this fact and engage the necessary resources to address vulnerabilities and keep your brand on track.

Our experience
We know the problems brand owners face today. Our 'Brain Trust' has expertise specific to counterfeiting and off-shore supply chain challenges in many industry sectors. We bring an extensive and unique skill-set of designing, developing and then implementing brand protection strategies.

"...recommendations are comprehensive and certainly of value. The (strategic) plan provides truly actionable next steps for us, particularly in areas not previously explored by our Company."
Global Apparel Company Executive

The Bottom Line:
Pro-active prevention planning and enforcement efforts are critical for every brand owners - ACSG can help...

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